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IBM Rational DOORS doorsd process own by the doors user after reboot

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How can I make the IBM Rational DOORS user own the doorsd process even if the unix server is rebooted.


The problem is generated by the fact that the doorsd process needs to be owned by the DOORS user account so different processes, like archive restore, are able to work without error due to files ownership issues.

Usually the script used to start the doorsd process in UNIX looks like this:

    $(DOORSHOME)/bin/doorsd -home $(DOORSHOME) - serverdata $(SERVERDATA)

    -port $(PORTNUMBER) -logfile $(LOGFILE)                            


If you run this script being logged under the DOORS user account everything works properly. But, if you reboot the server and have this script run automatically then the doorsd process is owned by the root user.


The solution is simple:

Add the line "su -c" to the beginning of the script so there will be a change in the user who owns the doorsd process.

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Operating system(s): HP-UX, Linux, Solaris

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Modified date: 02 July 2012

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