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Value of float variable in PE workflow is changed

Technote (troubleshooting)


When assigning a value e.g. "0.1", to a float variable in a workflow definition in IBM FileNet Process Engine (PE), a value of "0.09999999" is returned in the running process. As a result, the process is unable to evaluate the variable.


The workflow is unable to process the value of the float variable.


The problem stems from an imprecision in "float", a data type which has been present in the PE server since IBM FileNet eProcess. This is working as designed, however there are 2 workarounds which are outlined below.


P8 PE, all versions, all platforms.

Resolving the problem

Implement one of the following two workarounds :

  • Revise the application to provide a display mask which displays the expected quantity to the end user.
  • Modify the workflow, so that the variable initialized at launch is a string field. Use the value to populate the float field as a post-processing step. See attachment for code sample.


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Modified date: 26 January 2017

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