How to vacuum PostgreSQL database as a maintenance activity for Rational Focal Point

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How to perform vacuum of PostgreSQL database and automate the process for IBM Rational Focal Point


Steps to run vacuum on the database are:

Microsoft Windows Operating System:


  1. Launch pgAdminIII
  2. Connect to the database in question
  3. Right click> Maintenance
  4. Maintenance operation= Vacuum
  5. Vacuum Options= FULL
  6. Click OK

Linux Operating System:


  1. Connect to database
  2. Execute the command "vacuumdb -f <focalpoint db> -h localhost

Once the vacuum is complete, restart Rational Focal Point server.

Please note, vacuum on the database will impact the performance of Rational Focal Point, till the time the vacuum is running. Once the server is restarted, Rational Focal Point performance will be back to normal

To automate the vacuum process edit the postgresql.conf file from <PostgreSQL Home>/8.x/data location and ensure all the parameter under the section AUTOVACUUM PARAMETERS are enabled.

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