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Increase the length of the zSecure Alert WTO message id.

Technote (troubleshooting)


This technote describes the possibility to increase the length of the WTO message identifier that is checked by zSecure Alert to more than 8 characters.


zSecure Alert has the possibility to trigger alerts based on WTO messages. The default length of the WTO messages is 8 characters. There are WTO messages that have message id's longer than 8 characters, as an example:
+DFHXS1102I applid Security is inactive.

This message id has a length of 11 characters and will not trigger an alert without modification of the Alert global skeleton.

Resolving the problem

To modify Alert to trigger alerts on longer message id's you need to update the Alert global skeleton.
The default global skeleton is placed in the SCKRSLIB as member C2PSGLOB.

Copy this member to the C2PCUST data set with a new name.

The following lines define the MSGID variable as a 9 character long field and need to be changed.
define  type=WTO MSGID('MsgId',9)        as,      
                 word(substr(record,230,9),1,' ')

To change this to 16 characters modify the lines to look like this:
define  type=WTO MSGID('MsgId',16)        as,      
                 word(substr(record,230,16),1,' ')

On the Alert configuration Edit screen you can specify your own version of the C2PSGLOB member:
Enter / to view/edit the global CARLa skeleton
  Skeleton             C2PSGLOB

You can change the C2PSGLOB name to your version of the global skeleton that you placed in the C2PCUST data set.

Another possibility is to use the UPREFIX(your.hlq) parameter when invoking zSecure normally by executing the CKR rexx.
You can than place your own version of the C2PSGLOB member in data set your.hlq.SCKRSLIB
This data set is allocated in front of the normal zSecure SCKRSLIB.
See the Installation and Deployment Guide.

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Security IBM Security zSecure Alert for ACF2 z/OS
Security IBM Security zSecure Alert for RACF z/OS

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More support for: IBM Security zSecure Alert for ACF2
zSecure Alert for ACF2

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Modified date: 21 April 2017

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