The first transaction to any map with COPY_TO_BYTES copy mode does not commit when eXtreme Scale server authentication is enabled

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When eXtreme Scale server authentication is enabled, the first transaction to the map with COPY_TO_BYTES copy mode might not commit. However, the subsequent transactions do not have issues.


During the commit of the first transaction that uses a map with COPY_TO_BYTES copy mode, the eXtreme Scale client run time does not send the client credential to the server side.

If the credentialAuthentication property in the server property file is set to Required, then the first transaction results in an org.omg.CORBA.NO_PERMISSION exception with the following message:

    "Server requires credential authentication but there is no security context from the client. This usually happens when the client does not pass a credential the server."

If the credentialAuthentication property in the server property file is set to Supported, the first transaction is treated as an anonymous client transaction. However, if the securityEnabled property is set to true on the ObjectGrid in the ObjectGrid deployment descriptor XML file, then an ObjectGridException exception with the following message occurs:

"A failure happened when ObjectGrid.getSession() is called: the ObjectGrid-level security is enabled but there is no SubjectSource plug-in set on the ObjectGrid instance. This error could happen in one of the following scenarios:
  1. While accessing a ObjectGrid instance in a distributed way, the client didn't provide any credential or the server didn't authenticate the client credential. Make sure the client provides a credential. Also check the client and server properties to make sure the securityEnabled is set to true, and credentialAuthentication is set to Required or Supported.

  2. While accessing an ObjectGrid instance locally, the SubjectSource plug-in is not configured."

Resolving the problem

Retry the first transaction.

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