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Product Overview, Installing and Upgrading, Migrating, Configuring, Designing and Modeling, Developing, Managing Change and Releases, Tutorials, Samples

How To
[1415757] How to create a sequence in Infosphere Data Architect
[1424852] Why do I see multiple lines when I create a mapping document in IDA?
[1415855] Using Infosphere Data Architect how do you format the output diagram?
[1421657] How to create an index in Infosphere Data Architect?
[1422513] Recovering Mapping Model after Data Model is renamed
[7015717] System requirements for InfoSphere Data Architect Version 7.5.2.x
[7019867] System requirements for InfoSphere Data Architect Version 7.5.3
[7021599] System requirements for InfoSphere Data Architect Version 7.6

[1409918] Attempting to re-install IBM InfoSphere Data Architect - Version 7.5.2 after the trial license has expired from a previous installation might result in a hang issue on the Windows XP operating system
[1395988] Error when Exporting Model to Metadata Server: "You must install the Websphere MetaBrokers and Bridges from IBM Information Server in order to import and export models from the
metadata server."
[1432543] Exporting/Importing Logical Data Model to/from Excel causes errors
[1426691] Columns are showing as NULL in the Generate DDL create table statement in IDA
[1419371] Help Contents do not display with proxy server defined in web browser
[1390776] Cross-product integration (shell sharing) of IBM IDA and IBM ODS 2.2.

APAR Fix List
InfoSphere Data Architect APARs: 7.5.1,, 7.5.2,,, 7.5.3,, 7.6

Collecting Data
[1421291] Collecting Data: InfoSphere Data Architect Error

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