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Why are Cyrillic messages being encoded with ISO-2022-KR Korean?

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Why are Cyrillic messages being encoded with ISO-2022-KR Korean?

An application is generating messages to internet recipients. When the message is converted to MIME format on the Domino server, the Korean character set ISO-2022-KR is being selected as "best match".


If you look at the Windows Character Map application and select the Windows: Korean character set and then view popular fonts like Arial, Courier, Times New Roman, etc., you will see that the font contains Cyrillic characters.

Domino is seeing this as a "best match" and is selecting ISO-2022-KR as the encoding character set.

In the Configuration document, ensure that International MIME Settings are enabled on the Basics tab and then on The MIME > Settings by Character Set Groups tab:
- tick the box to use all possible choices for outbound messages
- select the Korean character set
- change the Header and Body Outbound Message Options to the UTF-8 character
set with Base64 encoding.
Using the Unicode (UTF-8) character set will satisfy the mapping for all character sets.

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