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Determine whether a TOC gets loaded for a NDMP operation

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NAS NDMP Table Of Contents (TOC) load scenarios


Tivoli Storage Manager will only load a NDMP Table of Contents (TOC) into the Tivoli Storage Manager server database for a NAS NDMP node if performing NDMP file level restores through the Tivoli Storage Manager web client GUI. If the NDMP restore is being performed through the Tivoli Storage Manager Administrative command line interface, the TOC does not get loaded.

If the desired file or folder for restore on the NAS filer is known, using the RESTORE NODE command with the FILELIST= option can significantly improve performance by eliminating the need to load the TOC file into Tivoli Storage Manager server memory. Proper syntax use with the RESTORE NODE command is necessary however; using properly qualified and case sensitive volume names (ie. /vol/Vol01) and paths (ie. filelist=/path/to/User1documents) will correctly allow Tivoli Storage Manager to restore the correct objects, rather than failing to find/restore them.

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