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Complimentary online training for Host Protection for Windows Server

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How do you access the online training for Host Protection for Windows Server?


IBM Security Systems offers a limited number of product focused, web-based training courses. This training is provided at no charge. This article outlines the location of the training for the Host Protection for Windows Server product.

Using the links below, you can access the web-based training course or the individual modules, simulations, and demonstrations in the course. Course modules also provide direct access to the corresponding simulations and demonstrations.

Note: If you encounter problems opening links, make sure that you have enabled JavaScript in your browser. If you still have problems, or if you need help navigating the course modules, access the eLearning Course Help.

Course: Proventia Server IPS 2.0 for Windows

Module 1: Introduction to Proventia Server IPS

Module 2: Proventia Server IPS Policies
- Simulation 1: Create a New Policy Repository

Module 3: Configuring Administrative Settings
- Simulation 1: Configure Administration
- Simulation 2: Configure Group Settings
- Simulation 3: Configure Update Settings

Module 4: Configuring BOEP and Application Compliance
- Simulation 1: Configure BOEP
- Simulation 2: Configure Antivirus
- Simulation 3: Configure Application Control

Module 5: Configuring Firewall Settings
- Simulation 1: Create a Firewall Rule

Module 6: Configuring Security Events and Bypass Filters
- Simulation 1: Configure an Event Signature
- Simulation 2: Create a Trust Rule
- Simulation 3: Add an Event Filter
- Simulation 4: Add a Bypass Filter

Module 7: Configuring System and Registry Integrity Monitoring
- Simulation 1: Edit an Audit Rule
- Simulation 2: Create a User Defined Audit Rule
- Simulation 3: Create a Correlation Rule
- Simulation 4: Create a Registry Integrity Rule

Module 8: Configuring File Integrity Monitoring
- Simulation 1: Add an Inclusion Rule
- Simulation 2: Schedule a Baseline Comparison

Module 9: Creating and Deploying Agent Builds
- Demonstration 1: Verify the Agent License
- Simulation 1: Generate an Agent Build
- Simulation 2: Verify the Agent Build
- Simulation 3: Download an Agent Build

Module 10: Using the Local Console
- Simulation 1: Use the Local Console

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