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Traffic distribution algorithm for Proventia Network Security Controller

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How does the Network Security Controller determine how to distribute traffic?


The Network Security Controller aggregates 10GbE traffic to 1GbE ports for inspection by Proventia GX Network Intrusion Prevention System sensors.

There is an internal switch that maps the 10GB traffic to various configurations of 1GB ports. All flows that start on a port pair (1GB segment) will be maintained on that 1GB segment. The distribution of flows is based on a hashing algorithm that is based on source and destination MAC address and IP address plus protocol and port number for 5-tuple enabled by default (L4_long_hash_en=1). Disabled uses only source and destination MAC address and IP address.

There is no active management of the traffic to load balance on the 1GB ports.

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Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Security IBM Security Network Controller Not Applicable Firmware 1.0

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