Creating user-defined events for Proventia Content Analyzer module

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How do you create user-defined events for Proventia Content Analyzer module?


Proventia Content Analyzer is a module introduced with XPU 27.120. It uses the data inspection and analysis capabilities in Proventia Network Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) appliances to find personal identifiable information or other confidential information moving through and out of your network.


The Proventia Content Analyzer module supports up to 8 user-defined signatures that will look for specific patterns in traffic flow. This module is not enabled by default.

For detailed instructions on the use of this feature, see the Proventia Content Analyzer Guidelines documentation included below.

Note: The Proventia Content Analyzer module was migrated in IPS firmware 4.1 from a set of signatures under the Security Events policy to the new set of signatures under the Data Loss Prevention policy. For more information on the Data Loss Prevention configuration, please see the Data Loss Prevention documentation.

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