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Log files that are initially sent when submitting a new incident for the Proventia Network Mail Security appliance

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Which log files should you initially send when submitting a new incident for the Proventia Network Mail Security appliance? This information applies to: Proventia Network Mail Security 1.0+ Lotus Protector for Mail Security


When submitting an incident for your Proventia Network Mail Security appliance, the Support Data File will more than likely require investigation. Including this file when opening an incident will allow us to immediately begin troubleshooting the issue. Below are the instructions for sending this file.

Below are instructions to generate a Support Data File.

  1. Log into the Proventia Manager Web Interface.
  2. Navigate to Support > System Support File.
  3. Click the Generate Support Data File link. Wait until the file has generated. This may take several minutes.
  4. When you are returned to the System Support File menu, click the box next to the file you just generated, and click Download.
  5. If the file size is under 20 MB, you can send me the file simply by attaching it to a email reply to this message. If the file is over 20 MB, please upload it using our secure web upload page here:

If the above information does not resolve your issue, please contact IBM Security Systems Customer Support.

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Proventia Network Mail Security
Lotus Protector for Mail Security

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More support for: Lotus Protector for Mail Security

Software version: 2.5,, 2.5.1, 2.6, 2.8

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Modified date: 23 September 2013