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LMI message indicates that a user is already logged into IBM Security appliance

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Why do you receive a message stating that a user is already logged into the appliance when accessing the Local Management Interface (LMI) for IBM Security appliances?


This message appears when you access the LMI while a user is still logged in to the system. There are two common cases where this occurs:

  • Another user is logged in and using the LMI while you are trying to access it. The LMI prevents multiple users from being logged in at once to prevent policy problems that might arise if two users are editing the same policy at the same time.
  • A previous user did not properly log out of the LMI. This usually happens when a user closes the LMI web browser window instead of logging out. Since their session is still technically active, the system presents this message.


To prevent this issue, make certain that you are not trying to access the LMI at the same time as any other users and that previous users are properly ending their sessions On Security Network IPS appliances, you can end your session by clicking Logout in the upper right of the LMI.

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Security Proventia Virtualized Network Security Platform Local Management Interface (LMI) Firmware Version Independent

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