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What is Proventia OneTrust Licensing?




Proventia OneTrust is the licensing system for select IBM Security products. OneTrust is different from the key-based license system in that it does not require a separate license file for each product order. OneTrust licensing utilizes a single customer token to manage your OneTrust enabled products.

What is a Proventia OneTrust token?
A token is a unique numeric identifier assigned to a customer and authorized contacts. It may include a device Serial Number, if the product is delivered via an IBM Security appliance. The token is associated with all of your products that utilize the OneTrust licensing method.

Which products use Proventia OneTrust licensing?
The following IBM Security Products use OneTrust licensing:

  • Proventia Network Multi-Function Security
  • Proventia Network Enterprise Scanner
  • Proventia Server Intrusion Prevention System for Linux

    SiteProtector components may use OneTrust licensing and/or other key-based license key files to verify entitlement prior to downloading security content. For Proventia Multi-Function (M/MX) appliances, entitlements are associated to the serial number and if the device is utilizing OneTrust licensing, Automatic Mode will display in the Licensing and Updates tab. If the device is unable to contact the OneTrust server, it may display Manual Mode, indicating that it is falling back to the older license file system.

    Click here to review OneTrust Licensing product documentation.

  • Cross reference information
    Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
    Security Proventia Network Enterprise Scanner Not Applicable
    Security IBM Security Host Protection Proventia Server Linux
    Security Proventia Network Multi-Function Security Not Applicable

    Historical Number


    Product Alias/Synonym

    Event Collector
    X-Press Update Server

    Document information

    More support for: IBM Security SiteProtector System

    Software version: 3.1, 3.1.1

    Operating system(s): Windows

    Reference #: 1435290

    Modified date: 2013-12-17