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What controls the creation and format of the object absolute number in IBM Rational DOORS?


After working in a module, but not saving your changes you notice a gap in the sequence of object numbers.


Absolute numbers are established each time a new object is created inside a DOORS formal module.

Here are some common traits for the attribute number format and value:

  • The value can have any number of digits

  • An absolute number of 1 is as valid as an absolute number of 999,999,999

  • Each time a new object is created the absolute number value should only increase by one

  • Once created, an absolute number in DOORS will not be reused regardless of whether the objects they are associated to are active, deleted or purged

As you create new objects the absolute number count value is incremented even if you choose not to save your changes to the module. So the next time you open the formal module and create an object the value of the absolute number will be increased to the highest count value.

Note: Some problems have been reported where very high absolute numbers are assigned to new objects unexpectedly. This can be attributed to corruption of the absolute number data file or a defect corrected in the database server release. To resolve issues of this type will require you to contact IBM Rational support and provide module data.

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