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Out of Disk space on Temp Directory error during import of repotools database

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This technote explains how to resolve the error "Out of Disk space on Temp Directory" that can occur when using IBM Rational Quality Manager during a repotools import.


Space is limited on the disk where Rational Quality Manager is installed. This can affect two temporary files spaces used by Rational Quality Manager:

  • Java temp space: The Java process uses disk as memory to cache the contents of the TAR file during import.
  • Repository Content temp space: Content such as attachments and rich text is temporarily stored on disk before being put into the database. During import this might consume significant space if there is a large amount of content.

Resolving the problem

Specifying locations with ample free space for both the Java temp space and Repository Content temp space can help resolve this problem.

Java temp space

Edit (or .bat) and add the BOLD line as seen in this example to specify the desired location for temp space using a Java VM arg.

set VMARGS=%VMARGS% -Xmx1500M
set VMARGS=%VMARGS%\some\path
set VMARGS=%VMARGS% -Xjit:exclude={org.apache.xerces.parsers.AbstractSAXParser.*}

The location specified should have free space equal to at least the size of the TAR being imported.

Repository Content temp space

Specify these properties, only one set, in the RQM201/server/conf/jazz/ file:\some\path\some\path\some\path\some\path

You can probably copy and paste these directly into the file, but they might already be there. Make sure there are no duplicate entries.

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