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How to integrate CCRC Extension with Rational Application Developer

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How do you integrate IBM Rational ClearCase (CCRC) Extension with IBM Rational Application Developer?


The IBM Rational ClearCase Remote Client Extension is installed and integrated through the Rational Application Developer installation.

For this technote the IBM Rational Application Developer install will be a very basic deployment and configuration as the focus is on the Rational ClearCase Remote Client Extension.

A video demonstration of the material contained in this technote is available on the IBM Rational Support channel on YouTube under the topic of How to integrate CCRC with Rational Application Developer.

  1. Launch the Rational Application Developer installation after combining all disks under your setup directory. In this case we will start the installation by selecting launchpad.exe.

  2. You then will want to select your language. In this case English is chosen.

  3. In this example no optional products are going to be installed so Install IBM Rational Application Developer for Websphere Software is chosen.

  4. Add the online repository to your repository list in the IBM Installation Manager by going to File>Preferences> Click Add Repository. Then paste the URL below, click OK and exit back to the Installation Manager main screen.

    The url is:

  5. At the Installation Manager main menu you would select Install.

  6. In order to see the IBM Rational ClearCase Remote Client Extension you will need to select Check for Other Versions and Extensions
    You will receive a message stating that there are additional versions and to use the Show all versions check box to see all versions of the products. In this document we will be selecting the latest of both products after clicking OK on the informational message. Then Click Next.

  7. The following screen is a warning to stop all Anti-virus products installed which have been known to cause adverse effects on installations. After disabling your Anti-virus product to proceed select Next.

  8. You will want to accept the license agreements for the products.

  9. Here you will want to select where you want the package group to be installed for IBM Rational Application Developer. For this example we will change the default from C:\ to D:\. Then click next to continue.

    Note: This directory cannot exist and you will be presented with a warning if it does.

  10. You can extend an existing instance of the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) to integrate products. As stated before we are focusing on the integration of CCRC itself and keeping the Rational Application Developer installation simplistic so nothing is selected below. Click Next to continue.

  11. You would then select any translations of the product you would like to install. English is selected by default in the below example. Click Next to continue.

  12. A window will display all the features you can install. If you wish to install certain features for IBM Rational Application Developer, you would expand the tree for that and select your options. For this example all was left as default.

  13. Next you can select how you want to access the Rational Application Developer Common Configuration Help System documentation. For this example we will leave the default Access help from the Web. Click Next to continue.

    Note: When choosing Access help from the Web, you do not need to input any information regarding Host, Port or Path.

  14. This screen displays all details of the installation. Click Install to continue.

  15. If no errors occur throughout the install, you should see the following screen. You would then select Finish to launch Rational Application Developer.

  16. Once Rational Application Developer starts you will be prompted for your workspace that will be created. Below is the default.

  17. By default you should have the Rational ClearCase Remote Client context menu in the toolbar. If you see this, you have successfully integrated Rational ClearCase Remote Client Extension with Rational Application Developer.

Note: If you also installed the IBM Rational ClearCase SCM Adapter as a feature of Rational Application Developer, you will see two context menus named ClearCase. To disable one so you do not see one or the other in the toolbar you can go to the top toolbar and select Window> Preferences> Expand " General"> Capabilities>, then Click on the Advanced Button > Expand Team. You then toggle which tool you will want to display by checking or clearing the corresponding check box.

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