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Installing IDS using -legacy option

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Depending on the version of OS you may need to run ./installserver twice or if you are using SELinux, you will need to temporarily disable it.


There are extra steps that need to be taken when installing using the -legacy option


  • You are running SELinux:

    1. Temporarily disable SELinux.

    2. Run this as root: #> echo 0 > /selinux/enforce.

    3. Then you should be able to run the installer without issue.

    4. To re-enable selinux, run this: #>echo 1 > /selinux/enforce.

  • When running another OS you will have to run the ./installserver twice. The first one will extract the files and second ./installserver will brand the files:

    1. ./installserver -legacy or ./installserver -console -acceptlicense=yes -legacy -P

    2. Go to the directory called SERVER.

    3. Make sure you are user root.

    4. Run ./installserver and this will brand the files.

After running the above steps you will be able to proceed as usual.

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