Installation of IBM Reliable Transport Extension for WebSphere sMash fails when run in console mode on Linux or AIX

Technote (troubleshooting)


When the IBM Reliable Transport Extension for WebSphere sMash installation is run in console mode, it will default to "/tmp" as the install location and will not allow the location to be modified. It also fails to notify you if IBM WebSphere sMash has not been installed on the machine as a required prerequisite. Continuing with the install will result in failure with no errors in the log.

Resolving the problem

When installing IBM Reliable Transport Extension for WebSphere sMash, use the GUI installation or use a silent installation.

To run a silent install:

1) Create a file named containing the following line -


2) Run the install with the following options:

sMash_rte_installer_1_1_1_3.bin -DZEROHOME=/opt/IBM/WebSphere/sMash -f

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