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Annnouncing availability of IBM WebSphere sMash V1.1.1.3 Service Pack


The following Bugzilla defects have been implemented/addressed in WebSphere sMash V1.1.1.3 (d-type) APAR IC67736 (IBM WebSphere sMash Fixes for Service Pack):

8963 Null pointer de-reference in GCXAPIObject.java (on line 144)
9016 Improvement to threading defaults
9019 Context.zput requires multiple get calls
9040 upload_max_filesize marked as supported in php.ini but has no effect
9058 pre/post config ignored by stop and status commands
9098 JVM pid file written out too late in startup cycle
9108 ManagedApp.isAppStarted deletes wrong pid file if JVM pid stale
9118 No flow complete log in flow logs and should provide flow complete time method
9120 Update appscanner to recognize additional extensions
9121 libloader.so should be executable on z/OS
9122 zero.timer thread setting results ClassCast Exception
9124 Problems resolving apps at different fix level than the CLI
9126 WebSphere sMash allows files to be created with o+w permissions
9136 "zero package" and "zero create y from x" fail if any part of the path contains ".svn"
9145 sMash should cleanup old-format Userzone/session files
9147 Zero/P8: X-Forwarded-For does not get copied to $_SERVER superglobal
9152 zlist() with slash appended to key causes PHP core dump
9157 Optimistic Concurrency support for ZRM
9169 Assignment in view script causes null pointer exception when called from resource handler
9178 Request charset is not respected when populating superglobal $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA
9188 HttpConnectionContentHandlerFactory does not respect charset specified in response Content-Type header
9191 Allow redirects when requiring SSL
9196 Wrong content-type in response when using zero.atom.Atomn
9206 Cannot validate SimpleToken since username could not be decrypted
9216 sMash should specify UTF-8 explicitly throughout
9217 Workaround required in zero.atom for encoding issue in Abdera
9219 [ZRM] fix leakage of internal types in ZRM model API
9233 Better error reporting on model sync
9240 Generate less garbage by reusing Maps
9252 Active connections not accounting for SSL failures
9261 Add DB2 extension to php.ini file
9264 Publish should not expand module
9265 Closing outbound connection has a timing window
9268 ibm_db2 php driver not working
9270 POST to a static file returns 405 (method not supported)
9272 Allow modules to provide linkto configs
9273 File serving cache should always override
9276 Multiple cookies exception using TikiWiki
9277 Zero update sometimes fails to accept more recent level
9288 PHP line numbers are incorrect in display_errors output
9306 LDAPUserService fails to authenticate for LDAPS on MAC
9308 the configuration of webUI response page doesn't aware of contextRoot
9310 Enable APC extension
9314 zero php buffers all output until the end of the script.
9324 if artifact name is different from module name, module is not properly resolved after packaging
9326 update to Groovy 1.7
9334 testJSON.phpt in zero.resource.php.tests is timezone-sensitive
9350 XSA: Nullpointer in Start task
9353 File upload response times are high
9373 NPE when obtaining attributes which don't exist
9377 Tests in zero.openservices.tests use String comparisons on Content-Length value
9382 Chunked requests in ChannelFrameworkTest are malformed
9387 Security config to protect Management URIs not working as documented
9390 Problem serving big file
9392 Core Overview.html link mismatch
9393 Failing PHP CLI tasks return with exit code 0
9401 Add dojo 1.4.1
9409 Publish of an application packaged standalone issues a bad error
9421 commands that own same prefix can't be listed when issue zero help command
9428 GConf errors on Linux with proxy configured
9429 allowLocalAccess didn't work as expected in "zero status" of CLI
9447 Remove assert in PHPScriptEngine which relied on importing internal PHP engine class
9464 "Authenticating with identifier select" is failed from openid demo
9465 Failed to go through section "Limiting trusted OpenID providers" for the openid demo
9472 Regex exception in logs when visiting Wordpress admin pages
9474 Query string values are not consistent when not set
9476 ClassNotFoundException raised when running DB2 Technology Explorer
9480 it fails file uploading when temporary directory doesn't exis
9484 A blank web page appeared after login for zero.travelrequest.demo
9493 java.lang.NullPointerException: Deflater has been closed
9495 "Class 'ACLAction' not found" error when running SugarCE-5.5.1.zip

The following Bugzilla bugs have been implemented/addressed in IBM Reliable Transport Extension for WebSphere sMash V1.1.1.3 (d-type) APAR IC67737 (IBM Reliable Transport Extension for WebSphere sMash Fixes for Service Pack):

9242 Update microbroker with fix for APAR LI74502

To download WebSphere sMash service pack, visit http://www.ibm.com/support/fixcentral/
1. From the Product Group pulldown, select WebSphere.
2. From the Product pulldown, select IBM WebSphere sMash.
3. From the Installed Version pulldown, select All or your current maintenance level.

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