Double byte space is recognised as single byte space

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Attempts to run playback a script in IBM Rational Functional Tester results in a single byte space in a HTML table cell for double byte space.


Following is an example of code obtaining data in a HTML table cell.

//Getting instance of ITestDataTable from TestObject:table

ITestDataTable tableContents = (ITestDataTable) table.getTestData("contents");//Get cellData using getCell method

Object cellData = tableContents.getCell(row, col);

//Get character strings from the table cell using toString method and out put //in the log file

logInfo("Row:"+row+", Column:"+col+", Data:"+cellData.toString());

Out put data in the log shows a double byte space as a single byte space.

Cause file is not set correctly for Rational Functional Tester to recognize a double byte space.

This issue is identified as defect PK87187. The fix is included in Rational Functional Tester version; however, the problem does not seem to be fixed in Rational Functional Tester v8.1.0.1 or later release.

Diagnosing the problem

Check file

Resolving the problem

PK87187 is fixed for adding the flag (below) in file:

#Flag for deciding whether to ignore wide space characters and treat them as regular space or not.


The flag is set as false by default. If you need Rational Functional Tester to recognize double byte space, you will need to change the flag to true as shown below:


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