Error "system#invalidsecurityconfig" when logging in to Maximo 6

Technote (troubleshooting)


After deployment of the Maximo.EAR file the following message is displayed when attempting to log in to Maximo:



The error appears to indicate that you are configuring Application Server Security with LDAP for Maximo. This error likely means that the configuration is only partially complete.


Maximo 6 environments attempting to utilize the Application Server Security methods.

Resolving the problem

Instructions for configuring AppServerSecurity can be found on page 3-7 (79 of 469) of the Maximo 6 System Administration Guide:

The Application Security must be configured in the Application Server, as well the UseAppServerSecurity flag must be set to 'true' in the Maximo.Properties file and the Maximo Web.XML needs to be updated.

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