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Are OMEGAMON Fix Packs and Interim Fixes cumulative?


Some z/OS PTFs require the installation of fix packs also. If the PTFs require, say, Fix Pack 1 and Fix Pack 2, are Fix Packs cumulative, so you just have to install Fix Pack 2 to get the contents of both Fix Packs?


All Fix Packs are cumulative in regards to fix packs that have already been released for that version and release. This means that the latest fix pack will include everything from all the other fix packs for that level. However, you must install Application Support for the product before you can install any fix packs for that product.

So, if you are upgrading from one release to another, this should be a two step process:
1) Install Application Support for the OMEGAMON product for the new version/release. The latest spin of the Application Support Data Files DVD can always be found in Technote 1255545. You can access this technote via the following link:

That technote will indicate the latest DVD for each product and supported version/release. The technote also provides a link to the download site for the DVDs.

2) Apply the latest Fix Pack or Interim Fix for the OMEGAMON product. The latest fix pack can be found in Technote 1290883. You can access this technote via the following link:

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