Modifying Network Elements

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Is it possible to modify an existing Network Element (NE) other than removing and recreating the NE?


Yes, there are two options for doing this:

Use the network pilot::

  • Disconnect NE that requires change.
  • Create a new NE and duplicate its entries with the entries of the NE requiring modification.
  • Make the necessary changes during the creation of the new NE.
  • Delete the older NE from the Network Pilot list.

Note: This is not a permanent solution as this needs to be reconfigured
every time the TL1 TSM system restarts.

Via tl1.hosts file in the config folder.
  • Modification of the file requires TL1 TSM to be restarted, and is recommended to be done when TL1 TSM is stopped.
  • The file contains all entries for each network element and is loaded into Network Pilot when TL1 TSM is started.

Note: This is a permanent solution and will always load this
configuration when TL1 TSM restarts.

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