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Tivoli Monitoring and Reporting shows DB2 client code page not found

Technote (troubleshooting)


The application event log will show informational messages related to the DB2 client code page not being found.


In Tivoli Enterprise Portal, the navigation may show a dark gray X on the Warehouse Proxy.


DB2CODEPAGE environment variable is not set.



Diagnosing the problem

Open the application event log and search for messages like:

Source: Tivoli Warehouse Proxy
Event ID: 13
Type: Error

Exporter Error reported by khdxdbb.cpp at 2413 in checkUTF8ClientEncoding.


Source: Tivoli Warehouse Proxy
Event ID: 12
Type: Information

Exporter Error
Error Type=CTX_InitializationFailed
Severity=CTX Warning
Native Error Code=0
Reason Code=0. Native Error Message "DB2 client code page not found"

Resolving the problem

To resolve this issue, follow the steps below on the system where Tivoli Enterprise Portal is running:

Create a Windows Environment variable DB2CODEPAGE=1208 within the Windows Operating System:

Right-click on My Computer and choose "Properties".
In the box that opens, click the "Advanced" tab to obtain the dialog box shown below.
Next, click the button "Environment Variables".
The box for adding a new user variable will appear . (system variable)
Input the following values and Click OK to apply.
Variable Name = DB2CODEPAGE
Variable Value = 1208

Reboot the server afterwards.

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Modified date: 11 August 2014

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