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The 8.5.1 Administrator Help database that will be included with release 8.5.2 does not include this information. This technote is the repository for this information until a future release when the documentation content will again be updated.

Resolving the problem

In this release, you can use a combination of compact options to DAOS-enable a newly created archive database.

Background information on compact options

Normally, when you archive documents in a database, you can use the command-line compact option -a to archive documents if the database is located on a server and you've chosen the basic archiving option "Domino server based."

Since release 8.5, you can also use the -daos on compact option to move attachments in existing documents into the DAOS repository while performing a copy-style compact. This option is not available for in-place compaction.

New behavior in this release

When the -daos on and -a options are used together, for example:

load compact -a -DAOS on mail\smith.nsf

and when an archive database is newly created during the archive, the new archive database will be DAOS-enabled.

Note: The combination of compact options will not affect the mail\smith.nsf database itself, or any existing archive databases. Also, the behavior of compact does not change when the otions -a and -DAOS off are used together.

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