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Clustering Rule Execution Server management console

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Can we deploy more than one Rule Execution Server management console in a cluster?


In a Rule Execution Server cluster, only a single Rule Execution Server management console is necessary to manage all eXecution Units (XUs) on each server and it is recommended to deploy the console on a single server in the cluster.
You can refer to the following documentation on how to deploy the single console:
WebSphere ILOG JRules V7.X.Y: Java EE add-ons > Installing on <your application server> > Installing Rule Execution Server > Rule Execution Server deployment on cluster environments

If you need to have failover for the management console, note that with more than one management consoles deployed in a cluster, there will be no synchronization between these consoles. RuleApps deployed from one console will not be visible to the other console(s), and you will get unpredictable results if updates are published through a Rule Execution Server console that is out of sync. In order to re-synchronize the consoles, you will need to manually click "Update RuleApps" icon of each console, which forces a read from the persistence layer.

In an active/passive configuration, execution statistics could be incorrect on the passive Rule Execution Server console(s). When the active Rule Execution Server console is down, system administrator will need to log on to the passive Rule Execution Server console and update the RuleApps. Then Rule Team Server (RTS) users or Rule Studio users can deploy rulesets by pointing to the back up Rule Execution Server console instance.

Note that we do not support load balancing mode with active/active configuration.

You can refer to this technote for limitations when deploying more than one Rule Execution Server console.

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