Specifying Rational Focal Point users or hosts in the option file results in User / host not found error

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to log in to IBM Rational Focal Point by users who have been defined in the license server option file result in a denied login.


The user/ host information has been specified in a different case in the license server option file.

Resolving the problem

Apply the steps in one of the following options to resolve the issue.

Option #1: Edit the option file and use all lower case.

  1. Edit options file and use only lower case alphabets for the users and hosts specified.

    For example, "GROUP <name of the group> USER1 USER2" should look like "GROUP <name of the group> user1 user2"

  2. Save the option file

  3. Stop and Start the license server to reread the license file

  4. Log into IBM Rational Focal Point as that user and validate that the error is no longer encountered

Option 2: Configure the option file to ignore differences between the upper and lower case

  1. Add the following line in the options file


    Note: The switch for this case insensitivity is set to OFF when this is not specified.

  2. Restart the FLEXlm service

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