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Configuration property ldapServerType and value CUSTOM

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You are configuring WebSphere Portal to LDAP and cannot determine a value for the property "ldapServerType" that corresponds to your LDAP version. Should you use CUSTOM as the value for this property?


When configuring WebSphere Portal to LDAP one of the required properties is LdapServerType. For stand alone configurations the property name in is "standalone.ldap.ldapServerType"; in a federated configuration the property name is "federated.ldap.ldapServerType."
The value for this property depends on the version of WebSphere Application Server (WSAS) in use:



If the LDAP server you are configuring is not in the list choose a type value that most closely matches the LDAP you intend to configure. For example, using Portal 6.1, WSAS 6.1 and Domino 8 specify "DOMINO7", not CUSTOM, as the ldapServerType.

Use of CUSTOM as the serverType can result in the following exception when the ConfigEngine task
wp-validate-federated-ldap-attribute-config is executed:


To resolve the exception, set ldapServerType in VMM to the value of a supported LDAP Server.


1. The list of supported LDAP types for WSAS versions 6.1 and 7 was taken from The file installed with Portal version 8 does not include the supported server types but the values can be determined by using wsadmin:

<AppServer_Root>\bin>wsadmin -c "$AdminTask listIdMgrSupportedLDAPServerTypes" -conntype NONE

You can also start wsadmin and issue the command from the wsadmin prompt. For example, on Windows:

a. Open a command prompt and change to the bin directory under the WSAS root directory.

b: Type

wsadmin -conntype NONE

c. At the wsadmin command prompt type

$AdminTask listIdMgrSupportedLDAPServerTypes

2. The ldapServerType can be changed by manually editing wimconfig.xml or by using wsadmin

wsadmin>$AdminTask updateIdMgrLDAPRepository "-id <id> -ldapServerType <type>"

where "id" is the string that represent the ldap id and type is one of the supported LDAP types.

To save the change

wsadmin>$AdminConfig save

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