How to keep the old listbox when upgrading Rational Change

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How do you keep the old listbox when upgrading to a new version of IBM Rational Change?


When you upgrade to a new version of IBM Rational Change, you want to keep the old listbox values from the previous Rational Change version; however, copying the file pt_listbox.cfg is not enough; especially if you make a few changes on the lifecycle and the listbox dependencies.

If you do not use this process then it is possible that your listbox values will become corrupt and unusable.


Follow the steps below to preserve the listbox values when upgrading to a new Change version or modifying the listbox dependencies.

Note: The following procedure also must be used when you change the listbox dependencies, in the same version of Rational Change.

  1. Copy the pt_listbox.cfg file from the old installation into a package template.

    For example in the dev_template in its wsconfigsub-directory :
    <cs47 install dir>/cs_app/webapps/synergy/WEB-INF/package_templates/dev_template/wsconfig/

  2. Recreate the CR Process Package using the package template you specified in step1.

  3. Delete the current pt_listbox.cfg file in the main wsconfig directory.

  4. Install the new CR Process Package (replacing the current one).

  5. Go in the Listbox Tab.
    You should see now the old values.

  6. Verify, add, modify and or remove the values as required.

  7. Save the new listbox values.

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