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ClearCase Remote Client rcleartool commands over SSL

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Can you use IBM Rational ClearCase Remote Client rcleartool commands over SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)?


SSL is not yet supported for ClearCase Remote Client rcleartool commands.
ClearCase Remote Client and rcleartool use different login mechanisms.

This issue has been identified as a change request (RFE) and is logged under ID 6873 (RATLC01319660).

Rational RFE Community homepage

Refer to the Rational RFE Community homepage for details and status of Requests for Enhancements for Rational products.


To manually install a server certificate:
  1. On the server machine, extract the certificate to a binary certificate file.
    You can use the IBM HTTP Server Key Management Utility tool to extract the certificate.
    (as described in the manual)
  2. Copy the file to the client computer.

  3. On the client computer, locate the JRE that is used to run the ClearCase Remote Client.

  4. In a command window, change to the JRE directory.

  5. Run the following command:

    bin\keytool.exe -import -alias certificate-name -file <path-to-cert-file> –keystore lib\security\cacerts

    The default keystore password should be changeit

  6. Using the ClearCase Remote Client, connect to the server by using SSL.

    For example: https://MySSLEnabledServer/TeamWeb/services/Team

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