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Search results include unpublished versions in Quickr for Domino

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In Lotus Quickr for Domino, when a user performs a quick or advanced search, by default the results will include older versions of the posting or file. How do you prevent older versions of a document or posting from appearing in the search result on a Quickr for Domino server that has the versioning feature enabled?


This behavior is a product limitation of the search feature in the releases of Lotus Quickr services for Lotus Domino prior to


This limitation affects servers that have the notes.ini parameter h_VersionType set to explicit or implicit.

Resolving the problem

This limitation has been addressed in Lotus Quickr 8.2 fix pack 10 (, tracked as SPR# RELS7KNUHE. If you want to exclude the older versions of a content item from the search results, then you need to

  1. Upgrade the Lotus Quickr server to version 8.2
  2. Apply Fix Pack 10 ( or later
  3. Add the notes.ini parameter h_DisplayNoVersions=1
  4. Restart the server for the changes to take effect

Once this ini setting is applied, Quickr for Domino performs an additional check prior to returning the results of a search. This check scans the backend Notes document for every post that matches the search criteria for either h_isHidden=1 or h_IsPublished=0. If either is true, the documents will be excluded from the search result list that is displayed to the user. This configuration change affects every place on the server.

Document information

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Lotus Quickr for Domino

Software version: 8.2, 8.5, 8.5.1

Operating system(s): AIX, IBM i, Windows

Reference #: 1423418

Modified date: 12 October 2013