Pointing an IBM Rational Synergy server to get licenses from multiple License servers

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How do I point my IBM Rational Synergy server to get licenses from more than one License server?


Unlike other Rational (Telelogic) products, Rational Synergy and Rational Change do not follow the TELELOGIC_LICENSE_FILE environment variable rule when it comes to pointing to different/multiple license servers.

Usually all the Rational (Telelogic) client applications read the value that has been set onto the TELELOGIC_LICENSE_FILE environment variable, that has been set locally, to pull out licenses from the specified hosts. Mentioned below is the deviation to this behavior, when it comes to Rational Synergy.

  • Until Rational Synergy 6.5 SP2 -> The Synergy server would pickup licenses based on the value that has been set on the license_data.txt in the CCM_HOME/etc directory.
  • Since Rational Synergy 7.0 -> Information about which license server would have to be contacted is now available in the system_info.txt file of the CCM_HOME/etc directory.

Either way, the content of the license server pointer should have the following format:

For Microsoft Windows servers:


For UNIX servers:


The difference between the 2 environments is the delimiter: Microsoft Windows uses ";" as the delimiter, while UNIX required ":".

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