Pointing a Rational Change server to get licenses from multiple license servers

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How do I point my Rational Change server to get licenses from more than one License server?


Unlike other Rational (Telelogic) products, Rational Synergy and Rational Change do not follow the TELELOGIC_LICENSE_FILE environment variable rule, when it comes to pointing to different/multiple license servers.

Usually all the Rational (Telelogic) client applications read the value that has been set onto theTELELOGIC_LICENSE_FILE environment variable, that has been set locally, to pull out licenses from the specified hosts. We have a slight deviation when it comes to Rational Change.

  • Until Rational Change 4.7 : Change used to pick up licenses via Rational Synergy, hence the content of license_data.txt in the synergy installation area decides where does the Change server pick up licenses from.
  • Starting from Rational Change 5.0 : Change no longer requires the Rational Synergy backend to get licenses, hence the Rational Change admin would have to up update the license_data.txt file in the following directory:

Either way, the content of the license_data.txt should have the following format as appropriate:
  • For Microsoft Windows servers:
  • For UNIX servers:

The difference between the two environments is the delimiter: Microsoft Windows uses a semicolon ";" as the delimiter, while UNIX requires a colon ":".

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