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IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance MQ Front Side Handler (FSH) does not support the BROWSE MQGET option in Get Message Options (GMO)

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Why can't I use the Browse MQGET option on "Get Message Options" in MQ FSH? MQ server returns 2036 error (MQRC_NOT_OPEN_FOR_BROWSE).


The format of "Get Message Option" must be a cumulative value of MQGEToptions in decimal or hexadecimal format and "Get Message Options" in DataPower MQ FSH does not support Browse functionality. Thus the MQ server returns a 2036 error.


Here is how to use the Get Message Option in DataPower MQ Front Side Handler?

The format of "Get Message Option" must be a value in decimal or hexadecimal format and this is a cumulative value of MQGET options. For example, the default value is 4097 which means the user wants to use MQGMO_WAIT and MQGMO_SYNCPOINT_IF_PERSISTENT options because MQGMO_WAIT is 1 and MQGMO_SYNCPOINT_IF_PERSISTENT is 4906.

Refer to the "MQGMO_* (Get Message Options)" topic in the "Constants" section of the WebSphere MQ Information Center for details.

-DataPower MQ Front Side Handler (FSH) does not support BROWSE MQGET option in Get Message Options (GMO)

DataPower MQ Frontside, as a specialized MQ client, only implements a set of features defined by MQ Server which is appropriate for the target use cases and confines to the users to the subset features.

Take MQ Browse function as an example,

MQ Browse function has to be performed on the same MQ context, or it will always browse the first message. For each transaction, DataPower MQ FSH will have a new MQ context to get the message back. Therefore, using Browse in MQ FSH will only browse the first message and not suitable for DataPower MQ Front Side Handler.

- use the mq-queue-depth() and "Browse" attribute of MQ url-open

For more information and example on the mq-queue-depth() and Browse attribute of url-open (MQ URLs) extension function, refer to the Extension Functions Catalog documentation. This document can be obtained from the Reference section of the IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances: Product documentation site. Click on your firmware version and then on your specific appliance (such as XI50, for example.). Then scroll down to the Reference section to find the Extension Functions Catalog.

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