How to re-run expressions or Business Rules

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How do you update the attribute values for business rules or expression in cases where the values are incorrect or not updated in IBM Rational Focal Point?


You may have to manually re-run the business rules or expressions in case the attribute value is not updated or if there are changes to attributes.


To re-save or re-run the expression/business rule for all elements in the module perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to Rational Focal Point as Workspace administrator
  2. Navigate to Configure > Attribute > Select the module in question > Attribute which is the expression/business rule container
  3. Edit the Default Value for the attribute
  4. Click Execute Expression
  5. Click Copy Default Values to All Elements

To re-save or re-run the business rule or expression for one particular element perform the following:

  • If you are logged in as a Workspace administrator

    1. Navigate to Module > Module in question > Element in question > Edit the attribute


  • If you are logged in as a non-administrator

    1. Navigate to Display > View in question > Element in question > Edit the attribute


    3. Cut (Copy and remove) the expression/business rule text

    4. Save the attribute

    5. Edit the attribute again

    6. Paste the expression/business rule

    7. Save the attribute again

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