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What does ASN0590I with RC=1 mean?

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What does ASN0590I with return code 1 mean?


The following thread exit return codes are the most common:
0 Thread stopped successfully. There is no reason code.
2001 Thread was stopped by either a stop command or signal.
2009 Thread was stopped by the recovery manager.
2010 Thread was stopped by recursive calls to the recovery manager.
2011 Thread stopped itself without an error.
2012 Thread stopped because of an error

Any reason code other than these indicates the number of errors that the Apply program encountered before the worker thread stopped.

The return code from Apply is the total number of errors it encounters while it is executing.The errors correspond to the number of rows that Apply inserted into the IBMSNAP_APPLYTRAIL table that have STATUS = -1 between the time Apply started and the time Apply stopped.

See "ASN.IBMSNAP_APPLYTRAIL table" in the Knowledge Center for more error information.

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