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Adding cache to an Unix Server in IBM Image Services

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How to add cache to an Unix Server in IBM Image Services?


  1. Create a backup of the Cache and Transient partitions using Enterprise Backup and Restore (EBR) program and verify that they are valid before proceeding. (For assistance on this, please consult the Enterprise Backup and Restore Manual.)
  2. Create a new Raw Logical Volume as root by employing the server's Logical Volume manager
    (For assistance with this, please consult your Operating System’s Manual)
  3. Confirm that the new Raw Logical Volume is the correct size
  4. Log into the server as the fnsw user.
  5. Add Partition to Image Services:
    1. Type fn_edit at the command prompt
    2. Click the Procedures Tab
    3. Select Add an Additional Dataset
    4. Select Run
    5. Type= Cache,
    6. Name= /fnsw/dev/1/cacheXX, (EXAMPLE: /fnsw/dev/1/cache1)
      (Ensure that the #/Megabytes matches the physical Logical Volume size)
    7. Exit and Save
  6. Update Image Services Configuration Files: (As the fnsw user)
    1. fn_build -a
  7. Stop Image Services:
    1. initfnsw -y stop
  8. Create a Symbolic link from the new cache partition file located in /fnsw/dev/1 to the newly created Raw Logical Volume.
    (Refer to the Operating System’s Manual for instructions)
  9. Set File Permissions on Raw Logical Volume and Symbolic Link. (As the root user):
    1. At the command prompt type: fn_setup
  10. Ensure that the Symbolic Link is owned by fnsw user and fnusr group.
  11. Update the Transient Database: (As the fnsw user)
    1. fn_util updatetrans
    2. initfnsw -y stop
    3. killfnsw -DASy
  12. Add New Cache Partition.
    1. fn_util startdb
    2. CSM_tool
    3. CSM_tool>allowupdates
    4. password: (Request the password from IBM Image Services Level II via a new PMR)
    5. <CSM_tool>addpart /fnsw/dev/1/cachexx (Where xx is the number of the recently added cache partition.)
    6. <CSM_tool>quit
    7. -fn_util stopdb
  13. (As the fnsw)
    1. Restart the IBM Image Services Software

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