Database error: SQL State 20119 occurs in WMB message flow

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Your WebSphere Message Broker message flow fails to process messages. The system error logs contain the following errors:

BIP2321E: Database error: ODBC return code '-1'.
BIP2322E: Database error: SQL State '20119'; Native Error Code '0'; Error Text '[IBM][ODBC SQL Server Driver]20119'


The '20119' code is generated by the SQL Server ODBC driver when it detects that the communication link to the database has been broken.
If the driver manager can locate the message catalog, the ODBC driver reports an SQLState of '08S01' ("Communication Link Failure"), and the execution group releases the failed database connection. This allows the execution group to reconnect to the database and continue processing messages.

If the message catalog cannot be found, the ODBC driver reports the original '20119' code, and the execution group creates the previous error message, but does not release the database connection, and subsequent messages receive the same error.

Diagnosing the problem

Determine why the ODBC driver cannot locate the correct message catalogue.

Resolving the problem

The ODBC ini file contains an '[odbc]' stanza that contains several ODBC settings, including 'InstallDir', which should point to the parent directory for the DataDirect ODBC drivers in your WebSphere Message Broker installation. Message lookup will fail if this directory is invalid, or if there is a non-UNIX line feed character on the end of this line.

Correct this line and restart the execution group to allow the ODBC driver manager to interpret the error message correctly, and release the failed database connection.

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