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When using the Alloy by IBM and SAP Data Consistency tool (DC Tool) in conjunction with an Alloy server's Web services database (NDERPws.nsf) on a Domino 8.5 or greater server, a java policy edit is necessary to enable DC logging.

The java policy edit is also needed for all Domino mail servers servicing Alloy users for whom the DC tool has been enabled.

This fact had been omitted from the Alloy 1.0.1 Administrator help.

Resolving the problem

Add the following statement to the jvm/lib/security/java.policy file on Alloy servers using SSL, particularly if Domino is configured to connect to the SAP J2EE server over SSL as described in the Alloy Administrator product documentation.

    permission java.util.logging.LoggingPermission "control"

This same jvm/lib/security/java.policy file statement is also needed on all Domino mail servers using the DC tool over SSL, along with a cacert CA certificate.

Note: The cacert CA requirement is documented in the Alloy Administrator help, however the java policy file statement had been omitted. See Configuring SAML authentication for SSL over HTTP(S) for cacert information.

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