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Filenet Business Process Manager cannot auto-launch from workflow subscription

Technote (troubleshooting)


Customer can launch workflow manually from Workplace; however, the workflow subscription does not work due to "Invalid VW Version" error.

Other Process Engine related applets such as Process Designer, Process Configuration Configuration Console and Process Administrator are not working as well.


Content Engine's p8_server_error.log showed the following exception:

2010-01-30T22:10:44.591Z 78147814 ASYN FNRCE0323E - ERROR Failed dispatching QueueItem row {FECF5580-F9DC-4399-8C6C-F6142D2D0CEE}
com.filenet.api.exception.EngineRuntimeException: EVENT_HANDLER_THREW: The Event handler threw an exception.

Caused by: Invalid VW Version. 4 ConnectionPointName PEServerName 1 1165 9 1254331026
at filenet.vw.base.VWVersion.parse(
at filenet.vw.base.VWVersion.<init>(


Page 19 of Installation and Upgrade Guide for P8 4.5.1 (published, September 2009), incorrectly states the following "With the initial release of Content Engine 4.5.1, the Process Engine 4.5.1 client files
are included. Therefore, you are not required to manually install these client files on a new Content Engine server."

The shipped versions of the pe.jar and pecore.jar are actually different. The pecore.jar file (for the CE 4.5.1 ) is version pui451.057 and the pe.jar (for PE 4.5.1) version is pui451.075. Please see other cause reported in DCF 1419689.


Process Engine 4.5.1, Content Engine 4.5.1

Resolving the problem

Install Process Engine 4.5.1 client on Content Engine server and redeploy Content Engine.

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Software version: 4.5.1

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Modified date: 07 December 2016

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