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How to increase the deliverable document size when using WPG Express v6.0

Technote (troubleshooting)


Using WPG Express large documents may time out during send process.


The file is taking to long to be sent and the receiving end is closing the socket. Possible error that may be seen in the SystemOut.log:

2009-07-15 16:15:25,124 ERROR [SSLPoster] [Thread-12] - Exception:
Broken pipe.
2009-07-15 16:15:25,218 ERROR [SSLPoster] [Thread-12] - Exception -
close socket: A connection with a remote
socket was reset by that socket.

Resolving the problem

Windows Platform
1) Make sure the latest WPG Express V6.0 Fix packs are applied.
2) Specify minimum/initial and maximum heap sizes in the server.xml file, which is located at:

Edit the server.xml file, look for <jvmEntries> tag. WPG Express may not have maximumHeapSize parameter, please change and/or add the following:
initialHeapSize="256" maximumHeapSize="1536".

iSeries, i5/OS or IBM I Platform

1) Make sure the latest i5 Cumulative PTF group and WebSphere Application Server group PTFs have been applied. Be sure to follow the directions specified the Preventative Service Plan. Reference the “Fixes” section of the “Support for IBM System i

2) Make sure the latest WPG Express V6.0 Fix packs are applied.
There is a known performance issue when sending secure documents. To correct this problem one of the following items must be done.
a) Apply Fixpack3 for WPG Express v6.0 and then apply Apar JR35129 (contact WPG
Support for apar)
b) Apply Fixpack4 for WPG Express v6.0 when it becomes available.
c) This problem may also be resolved by removing the following security provider
"" from file.

The file is located in the IFS directory

Edit the file and look for the list of providers, you should see the following:

Comment out the provider by placing a pound-sign (#)
in the first position of that line. Then re-number the providers, for example:

3) WPG Express runs within a WebSphere Application Server (WsAS) job named WPGEXPRESS within the QWAS6 subsystem. It is recommended that the WPGEXPRESS job run in its own memory pool. The size of the memory pool should be no smaller that 1 gigabyte. Reference Knowledge Base document: 365585115, How To Run WebSphere Application Server in Its Own Shared Memory Pool, for directions.

4) To prevent the WPGEXPRESS job from exceeding the size of it memory pool, you can specify minimum/initial and max heap sizes in the server.xml file, which is located in the IFS directory:

Back up the server.xml file before changing it. In the server.xml file look for <jvmEntries> tag. WPG Express may not have maximumHeapSize parameter, please change or add the following two parameters … initialHeapSize="256" maximumHeapSize="????". Set maxumumHeapSize to the maximum memory that can be allocated to the share pool set (KB Doc 365585115). The size is specified in megabytes (1000 would equal 1 gigabyte).

NOTE: The iSeries portion of this document was written in conjunction with iSeries Support. Any specific questions concerning iSeries would need to be directed to that support team.

NOTE: Reference TechDoc #1268131 - Documentation size limit for WPG v6.0: WPG does have a constraint for supporting signed/encrypted large files for ASX (AS1/AS2/AS3). WPG can support 20-30 MB files with full security turned on, and about 2 GB without security (pass-thru). This is due to the limitation from the toolkit used by WebSphere Partner Gateway v6.0.

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