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Which is the correct version of Java SDK that needs to be installed for Prospect Core 8.0.7?


The Release Notes indicate that Java SDK 1.5.0_17 is required for Prospect

However, the Sun/Java website indicates the following when attempting to request 1.5 version 17. (32-bit) (64-bit)

In IBM's release notes for various technologies, all these expressions for Java have been seen:
Java, Java SDK, JDK

What specifically does the release of Java need to be, there seem to be different types, such as: Runtime engine (JRE), Development kit (SDK)?


To clarify, it is the JDK (formerly Java SDK) version 1.5.0_17 that is required.

It can be down-loaded from the Sun Developer Network website with the link listed below.

Alternately, you can go to Java download site, which is also listed below:

1) Click on "Previous Releases"
2) At bottom, Click on "Archived Releases" (you can find almost all previous releases here)
3) Look for JDK/JRE - 5.0
4) Choose "5.0 Update 17" and Click go button.
5) and it will redirect the page to download 1.5.0_17

Please note: JRE contains only runtime for Java. JDK contains JRE and Java compiler. Prospect requires JDK to run because JBoss requires JDK.

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