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How to rename a user id that does not exist in the LDAP registry

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How can you rename an IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) user id that does not exist in the LDAP registry?


After enabling case sensitive login option, some users can no longer login.

The jazz.log file would show entries like this:

WebContainer : 1]  WARN .team.repository.servlet.AbstractTeamServerServlet  - Found more than one contributor with userId helen'. CRJAZ1170I

This problem may also happen when users have been archived.


Rename the user ids that do not exist in LDAP.

You can rename using the following general steps:

  1. RTC 2.x:
    a. Go to the setup

    b. Change the user directory to Unsupported user directory

    RTC 3.x:
    a. Go to JTS Advanced Properties page

    b. Search for ""

    c. Set: Ability to Modify User IDs to true

  2. After changing it to unsupported user directory, users with JazzAdmins role can edit the user ids

  3. Change the incorrect user ids to {user_id}_archived.

    For example, rename "HELEN" to "HELEN_archived" and archive the user

  4. Rename and archive all the incorrect user ids

  5. Change the user directory back to LDAP

  6. Now all the users can login using their LDAP password

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