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Recommendations for exclusions when running Operating System Antivirus.

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When running operating system anti virus on a server. What exclusions should be in place when running a Domino server?


It has been determined that when running anti virus on a server, if not configured correctly different issues may occur.


The anti virus product should exclude the Domino data directory. Scanning the Domino program directory is okay.

Domino creates a temporary directory to scan messages with attachments. Depending on how Domino is started will determine were the directory is created. Typically, if Domino is running as a system service. The Domino server will use the settings from the environment variables and create our own temporary working directory within the systems defined temporary working directory. Please see the following technote for more information TN#1376934:

Other directories to exclude are(below). First 2 may be found in the notes.ini:

1. VIEW_REBUILD_DIR=path directory

2. Translog directory:
TransLog_Path=path to translog folder.

3. Directory links to folders outside the Domino data directory that contain databases where links to single databases may exist. The parent folder or the databases found within should be excluded. Below is an example of a directory link found thru the files tab of your Domino Administrator client.

4. DAOS directory, if outside the Domino Data directory.

Other recommendations, Email scanning by operating system virus scanners should not be run on a server that is running Domino. These types of services/plugins should be disabled. These types of virus scanners were designed for workstation email clients.
OS virus scanners typically scan message over the port 25 by local proxy. Any type of SPAM filtering or Anti virus for mail should be done thru a product that was designed to work with Domino. Please check with your software vendor for a Domino server solution.

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