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Data migration from IBM Rational DOORS Analyst to Tau and DOORS Analyst 4.3

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This technote explains how to migrate model data from IBM Rational DOORS Analyst (legacy product) to IBM Rational Tau and DOORS Analyst (Tau) 4.3.


There are several different ways to create projects and manage the models in Rational Tau and Rational DOORS Analyst. This is the one example for one project for each module configuration.

Steps to migrate data to Tau and DOORS Analyst 4.3:

  1. Before migrating Analyst model data, ensure that migration DOORS data to version 9.2 is successful.
  2. Start DOORS. Open the target module, and go to Tau menu.
  3. Select "Convert Module", and wait for completion.
  4. Select "Add Model to project for module".
  5. A new window will appear. Choose an appropriate option (eg. create new project), and click "OK".
  6. It will launch Tau and show a new window to choose Project from the list.
  7. You can choose "UML for Analyst" from the list, and specify an appropriate name. Click "OK".
  8. It will open the all the diagrams present in the module in Tau.
  9. Make sure you save the changes in Tau before closing it. If you do not save the changes and close it, next time it will not open the model, and you will receive a blank page in Tau. This had already been logged as a defect for Tau and DOORS Analyst 4.3, and fixed in
  10. You have to follow the same steps for each module configured for DOORS Analyst.

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Modified date: 2011-05-27