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One Rational Quality Manager floating license lease maximum may be terminated per hour

Technote (troubleshooting)


Terminating a user's acquired floating lease IBM Rational Quality Manager only allows for one floating license lease to be terminated per hour.


As described in Monitoring and releasing floating access licenses:

  1. Open the URL
    https://<RQM Server>:<port>/jazz/
  2. Click Terminate lease

  3. Click Yes, terminate.

  4. The license is terminated, and the entry for the user's license is removed from the list.
  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for another user. Note that the "Terminate lease?" dialog opens, but the "Yes, terminate" button does not respond to a mouse click and the user's lease cannot be terminated.


This is expected behavior. After one lease is successfully terminated, by design the server will force you to wait a minimum of 60 minutes before you are able to terminate another lease.

This functionality is inherited by the Quality Manager server from Jazz foundation. This functionality is to prevent abuse of the lease termination feature to shorten the minimum timeout of a license lease.
Manual termination of floating license leases is a function intended for occasional use, not as a workaround to avoid purchasing sufficient licenses for your number of users.

Resolving the problem

As explained above, this is expected behavior.

If you need to terminate more than two leases and are not able to wait for the 120 minute timeout, you must stop and restart the server.

See Rational Quality Manager work item 26079 for the status of a request to modify the Rational Quality Manager WebUI to provide the information included in the Cause field above when you attempt to terminate a second lease within a 60 minute period.

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Modified date: 2011-01-28