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What are the frequently asked questions for WebSphere Adapter for JDBC?


This is a technote which summarizes frequently asked questions for WebSphere Adapter for JDBC and will be refreshed every two months. The last update is 2 June 2010.

General Questions:

title keywords technote link
MustGather: Read first for WebSphere Adapters and WebSphere Business Integration Adapters mustgather materials.trace and log.
Supported software for IBM WebSphere Adapters and IBM WebSphere Business Integration Adapters required software an hardware
Adapter support site support site
Recommended fixes for WebSphere Adapters recommended fixes
How to submit and track new product requirements or enhancements for IBM WebSphere Adapters new requirements or enhancements
Compatibility Matrix: WebSphere Business Integration Adapters and WebSphere Adapters (JCA) supported releases and their corresponding compatible products.
Installing Adapter Fixes on WebSphere Process Server, WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Integration Developer and WebSphere Message Broker/ -Toolkit upgrade or install adapter.install Ifix, upgrade, AFC jars update. deployment. migration.
Frequently asked questions specific to database server or JDBC driver problem specific to databases
Business Process Management Samples & Tutorials Samples , Tutorials
JDBC Adapter Info Center adapter infocenter
redbooks redbooks
developerWorks developerWorks
Download IBM Support Assistant (ISA) Lite for WebSphere Adapters ISA. troubleshooting tool.

Questions for external service discovery:

title keywords technote link
WebSphere Adapter for JDBC 6.2 export did not build correctly java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint$StaticPart
Sharing a JDBC adapter with one or more modules in an ear file sharing adapter.
How to change the schema where the tables are stored without regenerating the inbound/outbound from Enterprise Service Discovery wizard? changing schema , business object.
Websphere Adapter for JDBC does not support Struct and Array data types for DB2 DB2, struct, array, complex type
Validation of store procedures that have complex types (STRUCT/ARRAY) as parameters complex type. validation. stored procedure. struct, array.
IBM WebSphere Adapters for JDBC cannot retrieve the metadata from Oracle remote table synonyms Oracle.remote table synonym,
JDBC Adapter unable to create business object artifacts not create BO

Questions for both inbound and outbound:

title keywords technote link
Managing WebSphere Adapters more effectively through wsadmin in WebSphere Process Server wsadmin , managing resource adapter,
Managing WebSphere Adapters more effectively through wsadmin in WebSphere Process Server wsadmin , managing resource adapter,
Ensuring high availability and performance of events delivery with WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere JDBC Adapter inbound mechanism, event delivery performance.
Monitoring business database changes with a WebSphere Adapter all kinds of inbound usage.
Deploying and configuring WebSphere Adapters in a clustered environment clustered environment, adapter deployment, embedded, standalone,
Deployment of WebSphere JCA Adapters in a clustered environment on WebSphere Process Server V6.1 and V6.2 clustered environment, adapter deployment
Use WebSphere Adapter in WebSphere High Availability Environment clustered environment. adapter deployment. High Availability
IBM WebSphere Adapter for JDBC, V6.2: software requirements required software
Adapter for JDBC and MySQL database support MySQL
Sample SQL script for generating tables and triggers on i5/OS i5/OS, sample sql script
WebSphere Adapter could not deal with control characters control characters, special characters, invalid characters, xml 1.0
How to correctly use Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver for WebSphere JDBC adapter under WID 6.2 and WPS 6.2 environment JDK1.5, JRE1.5, JRE1.6, JDK1.6. MS SQL Server JDBC driver.
WebSphere Adapter for JDBC ASI change does not take effect in Runtime ASI cache
Finding Adapter Foundation Class version for a WebSphere Adapter adapter version
WebSphere Adapter for JDBC fails when database object names contain a database reserved keyword database reserved keyword

Questions for only outbound:

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How does the WebSphere Adapter for JDBC deal with Null, null string (empty string), blank string, null value, default value and skip over some field(s) Null,null, null string,empty string, blank string, null value
Frequently asked questions about how the Date, Time, DateTime and TimeStamp data types are handled in WebSphere Adapter for JDBC date,time,datetime,timestamp, data type
Date type application-specific information for business object attributes refers to columns of type Date and Time date , datetime, timestamp, date format
Configuring dynamic authentication in WebSphere Adapter for SAP dynamic authentication
Error "Missing IN or OUT parameter at index:: 1, error code: 17041" when using Query BO QueryBO
Using WebSphere Adapter for JDBC to generate query business objects from nested select queries is not supported QueryBO, nested sql
WebSphere JDBC adapter outbound fails due to transaction timeout, lock timeout, or deadlock. transaction timeout. deadlock, locktimeout. concurrent problem.
WebSphere JDBC adapter is locking rows on database table and causing other applications to timeout accessing same tables transaction. deadlock, locktimeout. concurrent problem.
Generating wrapper business object and executing operations on wrapper business object Wrapper BO.
JDBC adapter is passing null into BO when calling stored procedure which uses defaults stored procedure with default parameters, Oracle
Incorrect binary data is returned when WebSphere JDBC adapter performing a query against DB2/AS400 DB2/AS400, binary data.
Instruct how to implement an auto-generated/identity column by means of a database sequence when JDBC adapter connects to Oracle database identity column, sequence, auto-generated column
WebSphere Adapter for JDBC throws RecordNotFoundException retrieveAll, RecordNotFoundException, errorOnEmptyResultset
RecordNotFoundException may occur when performing a RetrieveAll/Retrieve operation in the WebSphere Integration Developer test client retrieve, retrieveAll, RecordNotFoundException, unset properties
Using XA transactions for Outbound support with a remote DB2 database XA transactions, remote DB2 database.XA DataSource name
Error occurs while starting a transaction on Oracle starting XA transaction. Oracle
ESD of JDBC JCA Adapter can not save the MaxNumOfRetRS and ResultSet ASI during generate the BO ESD, EMD, stored procedure validation, MaxNumOfRetRS. ResultSet ASI
WebSphere Adapter for JDBC does not support multiple stored procedures with the same name in one schema EMD, ESD, multiple stored procedures with the same name and different parameters.
ResultSet ASI for stored procedures requires manual intervention for returning a result set EMD,ESD, stored procedure with resultsets.
How J2CA Adapter works with XML datatype in DB2 XML datatypes, XQuery , DB2
How to support Business Faults BPEL, Business Fault
Configuring WSDL file for business faults in JCA Adapter V6.1 adding Business faults.
Using Batch BO with sequence value larger than 2147483647 causes "Invalid Conversion" problem using Oracle database oracle, sequence, greater than 2147483647
WebSphere Adapter for JDBC fails to initialize cursor when receiving null Business Object initialize cursor, bo is null.

Questions for only inbound :

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WebSphere Adapters do not poll for events on WebSphere Process Server 6.1/6.2 with WebSphere Application Server stop polling events
WebSphere adapter stops polling when WebSphere Process Server only has the default trace specification "*=info" stop polling events
Unable to start more than 20 JCA adapters using WebSphere Process Server stop polling events, threadpool.
Multiple connections should be specified for "UNORDERED" event delivery in WebSphere Adapter for JDBC unordered, maximumConnections, minimumConnections
Could Multiple JDBC Adapter export components coexist in the same SCA module? multiple inbound in a module, EventTypeFilter
How to use the WebSphere Adapter for JDBC with the WebSphere Business Integration Adapter for JDBC event table for the user-defined event query dynamic inbound, custom inbound
Implementing archive events function for inbound service of WebSphere Adapter for JDBC archive events,dynamic inbound. custom inbound.
JDBC adapter cannot find method for native method during inbound process native method, not find method.
Date and time format for object_key column in event table of WebSphere Adapter for JDBC object_key column, date, time.
Authentication alias applied on ActivationSpec is not being used ActivationSpec, Auth Alias
ClassCastException and CNTR0020E issued in JDBC adapter inbound process StructuredDataFunctionSelector incompatible with FunctionSelector, classloader, ClassCastException

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