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How can I find my Primary Site Technical Contact (PSTC)? How can I find my Administration Contact?


Within IBM, access to certain tools are limited to those approved by the primary contacts on the sales record.
If you are trying to find information on your contacts, such as your Primary Site Technical Contact (PSTC) to open a service request, or your Administrative Contact to download products, there are some resources available.

Generally, the best result is to contact Customer Support OnLine and make a country/language selection. Once you have done so, click the icon next to the drop down; a new website appears with a contact number. For US customers, the contact number is (877) 426-6006. Customer Support OnLine can provide you with your PSTC or your Administration Contact.

Alternately, you can contact your Passport Advantage eCustomer Care team at (800) 978-2246 (for United States customers), or one of the other numbers at eCustomer Care (for customers outside the US). They can also provide you with your PSTC or your Administration Contact.

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