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iNotes mail and calendar pop-up notifications steal focus of workstation in 8.5.1

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Beginning in IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.1, if enabled in a user's iNotes preferences, the browser now displays a pop-up alert when new mail arrives or when a calendar alarm is triggered. For some browsers and operating systems, this pop-up notification will steal focus of a workstation, forcing the user to dismiss the message before returning to previous activity.


Prior to 8.5.1, mail and calendar notifications were only displayed as a modal dialog embedded within the web page. Some users expressed concern that this would result in missed notifications if the browser was not in the foreground of the workstation. Subsequently, the following changes were made regarding behavior of notifications:
Calendar alarms: a pop-up alert is triggered and, if the user does not dismiss the alert, a modal dialog is also displayed in the web page.
New mail: a pop-up alert is triggered. This is now the only notification that can be enabled for new mail. If a user disables the pop-up alert in their preferences, they are not notified when new mail arrives.

Resolving the problem

To disable pop-up notifications for all users, the following parameter can be added to the IBM Lotus Domino Server Notes.ini:


This Notes.ini parameter is a global setting and will affect all users on the server. If a user has enabled mail or calendar notifications in their preferences, iNotes will revert to the old behavior of only displaying a modal dialog in the web page when a notification occurs.

The parameter can be applied using the set config command, however, a restart of the HTTP task is required. The Domino server itself does not have to be restarted.

An enhancement request has been submitted in SPR # JBEN7Y5LKP & SPR # CJMS7XBSC5 to add additional options in iNotes preferences for allowing individual users to enable/disable the pop-up notification and iNotes modal dialog separately.

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Software version: 8.5.1, 8.5.2, 8.5.3

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Modified date: 14 November 2012

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